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Treadmaster M-Tec - Product Information

Specifically designed for use in challenging environments and difficult surfaces, Treadmaster M-Tec is the product of choice for RIB manufacturers worldwide. Providing great anti slip qualities and protection for both hypalon and rubber RIB tubes, M-Tec can also be used in a variety of applications, from dinghies to paddle boards to skateboards, where flexibility and resilience are required.
Small Diamond Pattern Grade.
Ultra Grip Finished Grade

M-Tec shares many properties with Treadmaster Original, but being 1.8 -2.5mm in thickness, M-Tec is considerably more flexible and can be placed on undulating and curved surfaces easily e.g. RIB tubes. M-Tec is available in sheets and in the UG pattern only, 4000 x 1220mm rolls. This gives OEMs, manufacturers and builders greater flexibility in their use of the product. M-Tec also is slightly lighter than Original Treadmaster, 2kg per sq m against 3kg.

Sheets are simply and quickly cut to size with scissors or a craft knife. Rounded corners can be finished with abrasive paper.

M-Tec bonds easily to both Hypalon and rubber with the appropriate adhesive (e.g. Bostik 2402 or the adhesive recommended to repair/patch the tubes) and like other Treadmaster products, is easily bonded to fiberglass, wood and metal surfaces with either the PSA Peel and Stick option or Marine Epoxy or Contact Adhesive. Note PSA Peel and Stick does not bond effectively with Hypalon or Rubber RIB tubes.

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Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning of spillages should be carried out using a cloth or soft brush and warm water containing a mild detergent. The surface is rubbed very gently to remove the spillage, then rinsed with plain water.

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Read the UG and SD datasheets online (PDF).

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