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Treadmaster M-tec

M-tec on a Ring Power tactical RIB

Specifically designed for use in challenging environments and difficult surfaces, M-tec is the product of choice for RIB manufacturers worldwide. Providing crucial anti slip qualities and protection for both hypalon and rubber RIB tubes, M-tec can also be used in a variety of applications, from dinghies to paddle boards to skate boards, where flexibility and resilience are required. M-tec shares many properties with Treadmaster Original, but being 1.8 -2.5mm thick M-tec is considerably more flexible and can be placed on undulating and curved surfaces easily e.g. RIB tubes.

Treadmaster M-tec is unaffected by UV exposure and sea water. Its specially designed nitrile rubber/PVC formulation resists the chemical effects of oil, fuel and other commonly used substances.

Please note: PSA Peel and Stick does not bond effectively with Hypalon or Rubber RIB tubes.