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Treadmaster Adhesive - Product Information

Read about our 2 part epoxy and contact adhesive to see which is the best option for your boat refurbishment project.

Current Available Adhesive

Marine 2 Part Epoxy

This two part epoxy adhesive is designed to provide the ultimate in bonding performance. Ideal for use on a wide range of deck materials, it provides a bond which is suitable for the most arduous of conditions. Full instructions are on the can.

Adhesive applictation

Treadmaster Marine Epoxy adhesive is a two part adhesive, when the two parts are mixed together the adhesive will harden over time, this hardening process is much slower than with a contact adhesive(a pot life of about 1hour is usual although this will reduce as the temperature rises); and the adhesive is initially more liquid allowing much easier moving of the Treadmaster sheets to get an exact position. As the adhesive takes time to harden, once the sheets are in position they should be weighted down in order to hold them in position whilst the adhesive hardens.However, once the adhesive had hardened Treadmaster Marine Epoxy gives a very strong bond that is not effected by temperature (except at very high temperatures, i.e. significantly above 70°C). This does make removal much more difficult.

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Marine 2 Part Epoxy

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