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Treadmaster Glowtec Checker (Blue Glow) - White

Treadmaster Glowtec Checker (Blue Glow) - White

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Glowtec’s luminous and anti-slip qualities help identify areas of risk. The self-adhesive grip pad is extremely versatile and can be used in many applications including steps, ladders, walkways, pontoons and bathing platforms.

The luminous polymers incorporated during the manufacturing process, require nothing more than a light source to charge and become effective. The light source can be either daylight or artificial light and a fully charged grip pad glows for approximately 12 hours. Glowtec has been independently tested to DIN 67510 standard for luminescence and far exceeds the Photoluminescent Safety Products Association highest classification category D.

This product is supplied with factory applied pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA), simply remove the protective layer and apply the sheet.

Each pack contains 1 Grip Pad.

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