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Treadmaster Atlanteak - Product Information

The Treadmaster Atlanteak product range provides the look of teak with Treadmaster’s renowned anti-slip qualities at a fraction of the price of the real thing. Manufactured from Thermo Plastic, the two layers are fused together to provide an extremely resilient and natural looking product that requires no specialist sealant or varnish to maintain its appearance.  Treadmaster Atlanteak can be safely jet washed.

TK-C Teak effect

Custom deck panels and kits can be manufactured from either CAD files or templates. Manufacturers logos, model or boat names can also be incorporated into the design. The standard sheet length is 2500mm although this can be increased to a maximum 10000mm (10m) (33ft approx.) The width of the material cannot be increased. For areas longer or wider than the standard sheet size, a join will be necessary. This join can be hidden when the panels are fitted to the deck e.g. join would occur in caulking line.

The Atlanteak range, like other Treadmaster products is easily bonded to fiberglass, wood and metal surfaces with either the PSA Peel and Stick option or Marine Epoxy or Contact Adhesive.

Examples of Use

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Cleaning & Maintenance

Treadmaster Atlanteak is unaffected by UV exposure and sea water. Its specially designed Thermo Plastic formulation resists the chemical effects of oil, fuel and other commonly used substances.

View Datasheet

Read the Atlanteak datasheet online (PDF).

View Datasheet

Production Video

Customer Testimonial

Paul T from Eastleigh, Hampshire.

The work was not too difficult but I chose to do some of it on a windy day. The bathing platform section was whipped by the wind after I had glued it up and was turning it over. It was slapped against the transom and took over an hour to clean off the glue. I lost over half a tin of glue as it went off whilst I was cleaning. Still I had enough for the job plus a bit left over, had I been expert and had sufficient laying out and work space I could have got by with two tins of glue.

I would recommend that anyone who is reasonable at DIY have a go at the templating and the laying. Preparation is the key to success. I would be confident now at tackling a bigger job, however you do need two people to turn over the larger pieces and lay into the correct position.

I am very pleased with the overall result. We took the boat out last Sunday and got the whole floor soaked!

Regards, Paul

Before 1.1

Before 2.1

Before 3.1

After 1.1

After 2.1

After 3.1